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Janes Databases

What do 'Janes Databases' provide?

Janes is a global open-source intelligence company specializing in military, national security, aerospace and transport topics. The interconnectivity of Janes assured open-source intelligence and analysis enables to provide you with the unique insights required to make mission critical decisions.

We are currently subscribing to the following databases:

  • Aircraft Component Manufacturers
  • All the World's Aircraft: In Service
  • All the World's Aircraft: Unmanned
  • Country Risk Daily Report
  • Defence Budgets
  • Defence Industry
  • Defence Industry & Markets Intelligence Centre

Access to the Databases:

Janes Databases are available only for NATO HQ with NATO Laptop only.

Don't have a NATO Laptop? You can visit us and access Janes using the public computers in the Library. Contact us for more information.