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NATO Must Reads

New to NATO? Looking for background information on the Alliance? Want to learn more about NATO, its mission and history but not sure where to begin? Then this guide is for you! Whether you are a new NATO employee, conducting research, or a citizen looking to learn more about the Organization in general, this guide contains reading recommendations and some quick links to get you started on your journey. For further books, articles and NATO Publications check out the side content.

What is NATO?

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is one of the world’s major international institutions.

It is a political and military alliance that brings together 30 member countries from Europe and North America.

What is NATO  provides a quick glance at NATO, its role, activities and members.

This publication is available in 53 different languages here 


NATO Secretary Generals

NATO Topics

Understand how and why NATO was created, its fundamental security tasks, the main policies and principles that guide the Organization, and how 30 countries work together through the principle of consensus decision-making.

Themes covered:

  • Introduction to NATO
  • Operations and Missions
  • Security Challenges and Capabilities
  • Partnerships and Cooperation
  • Civilian and Military Structures
  • Wider Activities

NATO 2030 and the new Strategic Concept