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NATO Multimedia Library: NATO Publications


NEW - The 2019 Secretary General's Annual Report

On 19 March 2020, Jens Stoltenberg released his sixth annual report as NATO Secretary General. For the first time, the Report includes polls on the public perception of the Alliance. These demonstrate that overall support for the NATO Alliance is strong.


NATO A-Z (Topic pages)

  • All about NATO in the form of a thematic index.

NATO Encyclopedia

  • A compilation of archived online topic pages which explain every aspect of the Organization: its origin and fundamental security tasks, policies and decision-making processes, peace-support and crisis-management operations and how the Alliance tackles threats and develops capabilities. The pages also cover NATO’s partnerships and cooperative activities, its civilian and military structures, and specialised organisations and agencies, as well as NATO’s wider activities.

NATO Publications

  • A selection of NATO electronic publications. They are available in electronic format only but can be downloaded and printed.

NATO Archives

  • Chronological sets of documents issued by the International Staff and the NATO Military Authorities between 1949 and 1982.
  • E-mail:

NATO Archives Online

  • Provides users with the opportunity to explore the first 10 years of the Alliance’s history through the Committee documents of the North Atlantic Council and its sub-committees.

NATO Standardization Agreements

  • E-mail: or send a written request addressed to NATO Standardization Office, NATO HQ, 1110 Brussels, Belgium 


  • New official NATO Terminology Database coordinated by the NATO Terminology Office (NTO).
  • NATOTerm contains non-classified military terminology, as well as non-military terminology relevant to NATO. 

NATO Official Texts

  • Official texts of the Alliance, from the Treaty and its protocols to the Partnership for Peace documents, as well as the complete texts of all NATO Ministerial Communiqués since 1949.

NATO Basic Texts

  • A thematic overview of NATO's most important official texts : from the Treaty and its protocols to the Partnership for Peace

Other NATO Official Documents


  • The NATO Logistics Handbook is published under the auspices of the Logistics Committee (LC) and aims to introduce logisticians at every level to some of NATO’s basic principles, policies, concepts and the organisations which they will encounter in the course of their work.

NATO Operations Assessment Handbook (July 2015)

  • This handbook defines and describes operations assessment principles, procedures and techniques in NATO, within the construct of operations planning, and should be used in conjunction with the Comprehensive Operations Planning Directive (COPD).


Secretary General's Annual Report

Annual Report to Council by the Resource Policy and Planning Board (RPPB)

The RPPB is a subsidiary body of the North Atlantic Council and has a lead policy and planning role in all NATO military common funded resource areas. The Annual Report analyses how NATO’s common-funded resources support approved Alliance objectives and priorities; assesses the performance of military common funding; and reviews the financial situation of the NATO Security Investment Programme and the Civil and Military Budgets.

Summary of the National Reports of NATO Member and Partner Nations to the NATO Committee on Gender Perspectives (NCGP) on the implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325 on Women, Peace and Security
NATO's comparative study on the integration of gender perspectives in the armed forces.


ARRC Journal
C-IED COE Newsletter

CMRE Open Library

  • CMRE Open Library is the digital repository of open access full text publications of the NATO STO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentaiton (CMRE - Italy). Its main contents are technical reports, conference papers, and journal articles authored by the Centre scientists and engineers since its foundation in 1959.


Defence Against Terrorism Review
Defence Strategic Communications
Innovation in Capability Development Publication Series
JALLC Publications
JAPCC Journal
Land Power Magazine
NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) Publications
  • NDC Policy Briefs, NDC Research Papers, Russian Studies and Books (NDC - Italy)

NATO Defense College - Vox Collegii Magazine

  • Half-yearly publication from the NATO Defense College (NDC - Italy)
The NATO Legal Gazette
NATO Review
NATO's Science for Peace and Security Publications
NATO StratCom CoE Publications
NMIOTC - NATO Maritime Interdiction Operational Training Centre - Hellas
Northern Star

STO Publications

The Three Swords


Science & Technology Trends 2020-240 : Exploring the S&T Edge (March 2020)

  • Published by NATO Science & Technology Organization
  • Looks at defence technology trends over the next 20 years and their impact on our collective security. The report targets leaders and opinion-makers in the defence and security sector, as well as experts seeking insights into specific technologies.

Stability Policing : A Tool to Project Stability (November 2017)

  • Published by NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, this volume is designed to provide perspective, promote thoughts and present opportunities to facilitate transparent debate and development of an operational Stability Policing capability for the Alliance.

Strategic Foresight Analysis (SFA) 2017 Report (November 2017)

  • Published by NATO Allied Command Transformation, the Strategic Foresight Analysis (SFA) 2017 Report builds upon the SFA 2013 and 2015 Update Reports and provides a wide-ranging shared understanding of the future security environment.
  • The SFA describes the future NATO expects to unfold to 2035 and beyond, depicted as political, social, technological, economic, and environmental trends. Where trends may move in diverging directions, an alternative view is provided to maintain utmost objectivity.
  • It is based on a review of many national, think tank, international organisations and industry future studies. Sources also comprised studies from non-NATO countries, including China and India, and South Asian partners such as Australia.

NATO Governance and Delivery of Commonly Funded Capabilities: Improving Support to NATO Commanders (April 2017)

  • A Report Produced by an independent Group of Senior Experts (18 April 2017). The Group of Senior Experts (GSE) was appointed by the Secretary General on 20 October 2016 to provide independent advice and recommendations, in response to two recent performance audit reports by the International Board of Auditors for NATO (IBAN), which highlighted the need for improved governance arrangements.

NATO Brand Guide (March 2017)

  • A practical guide to working with the NATO brand.

NATO ACO/ACT Digital Media Management Guide [s.d. - c. 2017]

  • The goal of the introductory Digital Media Management Guide is to help our community accomplish this intent by streamlining, standardising and synchronising digital media management.

Cybersecurity: A Generic Reference Curriculum (October 2016)

Building Integrity : Self-Assessment Questionnaire and Peer Review Process (Feb. 2015)