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NATO 2010 Strategic Concept (archived)

This LibGuide is intended to provide a few starting points to assist you with your research on issues related to NATO's New Strategic Concept.

NATO Multimedia Portal

Official YouTube channel of NATO : uploaded videos and featured playlists.

NATO: Ready, Robust, Rebalanced - NATO Secretary General at the Carnegie Europe, 19 Sep 2013

NATO Review : Making the concept a reality (2012)

NATO's New Strategic Concept : A Successful Balancing Act?

NATO Review Lisbon Summit Special Edition
NATO's first Strategic Concept for eleven years was often portrayed as a balancing act. For instance, how to balance new threats with old ones? How to accomodate the interests of small countries and big ones? Now that it has been signed, how was the Concept seen?

Lisbon: The Perfect Birthplace for NATO's New Strategic Concept?

NATO Review Lisbon Summit Special Edition
As some of the world's major leaders arrive in Lisbon to cement NATO's new Strategic Concept, NATO Review looks at how the city might be the perfect location to sign the concept.

NATO's STRATEGIC CONCEPTS (A Brief History of NATO's Strategic Concepts) 19 November 2010

NATO Review - NATO's New Strategic Concept : A Battle of Minds?

NATO Review - NATO's New Strategic Concept : New Age, New Threats, New Responses

NATO Review - The One Issue the Strategic Concept Must Deal With Is...

Professor Sean Kay on "NATO's Strategic Concept" (25 June 2010)

NATO Review - How Important Are Women in NATO's New Strategic Concept?