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NATO and Libya - Special Focus (archived)


NATO and Libya - Special Focus is a collection of articles by leading experts with their latest analysis on the topic of Libya. Feature articles, opinion pieces, and links to pertinent resources and organizations have been collected by NATO Multimedia Library staff here for easy access.

Some of the articles listed below require access to online research databases, which are available to staff working at NATO HQ.  If you are unable to access the article(s), please contact the Library.

A good place to start your research is the NATO and Libya portal which contains the latest news and background information about Operation Unified Protector.

The NATO Civil-Military Fusion Centre (CFC)’s Mediterranean Basin team has responded to the situation in Libya with a dedicated web portal providing all the latest news, reports and documents on the ongoing crisis. The portal is divided into five sectors – Security, Humanitarian Response, Human Rights, International and Regional Response and Migration. (Registration is requested) .

Due to the fact that NATO operation for Libya ended on 31 October 2011, the "NATO and Libya - Special Focus" LibGuide will no longer be updated.

For any other information you need on Libya please refer to the  NATO and Libya portal page.

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